Personal Training Programs

Fitness 101

A program specifically catered to you and your goals. We will assess your current fitness level and make a formatted plan designed to elevate you to where you wish to be, whether it be losing weight, gaining muscle or both. We will start with the basics and move forward, teaching you to skills and workouts you need in order to become the version of yourself you wish to be. 

Beginners Guide to a Commercial Gym

Have you ever signed up for a commercial gym, or wanted to sign up, but felt overwhelmed by all the machines and equipment? With this plan, we will be in a commercial gym, where we'll walk you through a workout designed to cater to your goals, and teach you how to operate any machines needed. We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any other machines, equipment, or routines. Once you are comfortable in the gym setting, and if you do so choose, I will design a personalized workout plan that incorporates solo sessions where you may workout on your own. 


This is a program aimed towards one goal: build up that booty! It's specifically targets glute growth to help you achieve that perfect peach. This program may be done in our private gym or in a commercial gym, whichever you prefer.  


 In this program, you will learn the proper form and technique to powerlifting. Prior lifting knowledge is highly recommended. This program can be done in our private gym or in a commercial gym. Also, you will need a properly fitting weight lifting belt. 

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